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Let us help you to test your website with our testing package. The testing solution improves speed to market and increases operational efficiency.

How TestingBoot works

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    Quickest Build Test Cases

    Select your package and
    create your test case.

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    Way to work

    Waiting your final report for
    around 7 business days.

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    Receive Test Reports

    Check your final report
    run your test scripts as daily testing.

Test Report & Runner - Taking a couple of minus to create test features for your site, and we'll prepare advanced website testing report for you! After report delivered, check report and run non-written automation testing scripts anytime when you need by using Testingboot playback chrome extension.

  • Create Testing Case
  • Receive Final Report
  • Run TestingBoot Playback Scripts
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    Simulate the real user scenario and validate the system under test and its components for integration and data integrity.

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    Load Test

    Load and performance tests are essential to ensure that your software is able to handle a large amount of users.

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    Browsers Test

    The process of comparing a website or web application’s functionality and design across multiple web browsers and platforms

TestingBoot Service Intro

We generate your website testing report based on three following parts and make non-broken, non-modified scripts allow you to run your test every day!

  • EndToEnd Test

    It is performed from start to finish under real-world scenarios like communication of the application with hardware, network, database and other applications.

  • Load Test

    A high level of performance is a necessity. Poorly running systems can lead to significant consequences for any company. We simulates real user loads and measures performance

  • Browser Compatibility

    Automate your cross-browser testing by running tests on different famous browser types, versions, and operating systems. Take screenshots automatically across multiple browsers at once, comparing full page responsive layouts with ease.

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Run your test with
Chrome Extension

Download our Chrome Extension and run your website automation test code - TestingBoot Playback Scripts

Pick the best package for you

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$ 6

  • One Basic Feature
  • Simple Report
  • Simple Playback Scripts

$ 199 99

  • Around 6 Features
  • Final Report
  • Playback Scripts
  • Technical Support

$ 299 249

  • Around 12 Features
  • Final Report
  • Playback Scripts
  • Technical Support

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  • Features In Multiple Sites
  • Final Report
  • Playback Scripts
  • Technical Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I need to consider have a TestingBoot Testing service?
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    1. As a website owner, you may want to have a third-party organizer to help you to do the acceptance test.
    2. When you bought a website somewhere, you might need help to test it working properly and you might want to know about its performance.
    After TestingBoot Testing service done, you will get one TestingBoot Report that shows the target website performances and TestingBoot Playback Scripts which allows you to run your test scripts at any time by using TestingBoot playback Chrome Extension.
  • What is the trial package?
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    Our trial package provides the testing services for your website. It includes sample report and sample playback scripts which can be run on our chrome Extension. You can upgrade to paid package anytime on TestingBoot.com dashboard (need login).
    Check more details, download our demo report and TestingBoot playback Chrome Extension (has build in Demo account)
  • What information do I need to provide for TestingBoot project?
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    By filling our creating step wizard, you will be asked for your basic website information, what kind of features you want to test and the test account associated with the test case.
  • How long can I receive my TestingBoot Report?
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    It depends, after the project requests submission, the trial package will take within 3-4 business days, the basic package will take within 5-7 business days, the standard will take up to 10-14 business days and enterprise will depend on project scope/size.
  • Can I use TestingBoot Playback Script to generate dummy data?
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    NO :( The TestingBoot Playback Script can be executed anytime by users using our Chrome Extension. For security reasons, TestingBoot Playback Scripts do not provide any input behaviours against the target website such as creating new accounts, posting new comments, sharing on social media and etc. All input behaviour acceptance tests will be handled by our testing experts on End-to-end section and related results will show on TestingBoot report.
  • How Can I earn TestingBoot.com commission?
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    Become a TestingBoot affiliate, earn 20% of any packages you refer to TestingBoot.com. How can I become an affiliate? After receiving your first paid package report, you’re already a TestingBoot affiliate! Using your referral code to spread your good experience, Your experience matters and values!

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